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Training Class Schedule - WINTER/SPRING 2017
$100 non-refundable deposit required. Balance required at the start of class.
Call (904) 629-3490 to Reserve your spot today!

10 Student Maximum per class. First Come, First Serve.

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I really enjoyed your 2 classes that I took last weekend. I didn't realize how much I did not know until I took your classes. I think my knowledge and skill level is a lot better than it was. Your presentation of the skills and techniques were great. I look forward to taking some of your other classes in the future."


"Sunday's class was great - very informative and fun.  Thank you and Lee for delivering such a class. It was very interesting to listen and learn from you both.  I hope to attend another one of your courses in the near future. Again, thank you!"

January 2017

January 28     $175 Class Fee
Lowlight Carbine  |  12pm-10pm

February 2017

February 25     $175 Class Fee
Lowlight Handgun   |  12pm-10pm

March 2017

March 25     $175 Class Fee
Defensive Carbine   |  9am-5pm

April 2017

April 8     $175 Class Fee
Defensive Handgun/Shotgun   |  9am-5pm

May 2017

May 27     $175 Class Fee
Defensive Carbine   |  9am-5pm
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