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I really enjoyed your 2 classes that I took last weekend. I didn't realize how much I did not know until I took your classes. I think my knowledge and skill level is a lot better than it was. Your presentation of the skills and techniques were great. I look forward to taking some of your other classes in the future.”


“Sunday's class was great - very informative and fun.  Thank you and Lee for delivering such a class. It was very interesting to listen and learn from you both.  I hope to attend another one of your courses in the near future. Again, thank you“

“I wanted to say thanks again for the training. Had a great time. I will be checking out your training schedule, but I can tell you now, go ahead and sign us up for your shotgun class. I will be recommending your class to all my friends that are shooters. Take care”

Quality Gear for carrying firearms, ammunition, and other life-saving equipment.
Price Radio Sales
Low Cost Radio Communication Alternatives for Military and Public Safety Officials.
Vagabond Stitching Company
Firearm Belts and Collars
Florida Weapons Licensing Division
Secure a Concealed Weapons or Firearms License direct from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Licensing Division online
Ancient City Shooting Range
A.T.T.A.C. - American Tactical Training Arms Center (The location where all of our PTF Training Courses are held). Come and browse the location online for more details.
Impact Data Books
Best way to collect your shooting data, keep track of your performance, and optimize your training.
Airsoft Barracks
Offering Airsoft online forums and a full retail store with some of the best airsoft weapons and gear.
Tactical Night Vision Company
Providing the absolute best Night Vision and related gear.
Bastion is your best source for custom magazine plates and accessories.
PM Security Services
Tactical Weapons Training Group based in Danville, OH.
Customized Kydex holsters, sheaths, magazine pods, and others weapons gear.
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