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I really enjoyed your 2 classes that I took last weekend. I didn't realize how much I did not know until I took your classes. I think my knowledge and skill level is a lot better than it was. Your presentation of the skills and techniques were great. I look forward to taking some of your other classes in the future.”


“Hi Brian,
This was a great class. The amount of knowledge you have to offer was outstanding. I learned so much this weekend! But the one thing that I learned the most was the difference between an outdoor range and an indoor range. At an outdoor range you have to be more aware of where you are shooting and what is around you and you have to have better gun control. At an indoor range you only have to worry about keeping your gun pointed down range. It is like night and day. That is why I struggled so much. That is all I have done for the past year and a half is shoot at an indoor range. So by getting to come out and shoot at an outdoor range gave me new insight to the meaning of gun and trigger control”


“Sunday's class was great - very informative and fun.  Thank you and Lee for delivering such a class. It was very interesting to listen and learn from you both.  I hope to attend another one of your courses in the near future. Again, thank you“

“I wanted to say thanks again for the training. Had a great time. I will be checking out your training schedule, but I can tell you now, go ahead and sign us up for your shotgun class. I will be recommending your class to all my friends that are shooters. Take care”

Firstly, great course last Saturday!!! Really enjoyed it, learned a lot and I'm sorry that I missed the last hour”

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